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Family law is a broad range to cover, but you will find the experience and expertise in us which you can count on to find the right resolution to your particular situation.


Divorce, custody, paternity, orders of protection and more.

Sound legal counsel on your side

Divorce, support & family law

Seek one-on-one legal advice and representation for all of your legal issues. Call today.


When you have been accused of or

arrested for committing a crime – never move forward without an attorney to represent you. Do not make the biggest mistake in the book.


Call our office immediately. Do not spend any more time in jail than you need to.

Build a solid defense

Criminal defense services

The justice system works a bit differently for minors who have been accused of a crime. Instead of imposing punishments on the minor, the goal is to rehabilitate them.


If your child is accused of a crime or has been arrested – call us right away.

When your child is accused

Representatives for minors

Ensure your rights are protected and seek help today if you or a loved one has been involved in an accident or have become the victim or some else's neglect. Do not suffer another day!

Committed to excellent representation and counsel

With more than 20+ years in practice, Cronk & Waterman, PLC is experienced and dedicated to helping their clients find the best resolution to their legal issues

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